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近岁延州永宁关大河岸崩,入地数十尺,土下得竹笋一林,凡数百茎,根干相连,悉化为石。适有中人过,亦取数茎去,云欲进呈。延郡素无竹,此入在数十尺土下,不知其何代物。无乃旷古以前,地卑气湿而宜竹邪?婺(wù)州金华山有松石,又如 核桃、芦根、鱼、蟹之类,皆有成石者。然皆其地本有之物,不足深怪。此深地中所无,又非本土所有之物,特可异耳。


Mengxi Bitan Chapter 21 Yishi 17

In recent years there was a landslide on the bank of the Yellow River in Yongning Fortress near Yanzhou. The bank collapsed, opening a space of several dozens of feet, and under the ground a forest of bamboo shoots was revealed. It contained several hundred bamboos with their roots and trunks closely connected and all turned to stone. A high official from the royal court chanced to pass by He took several of them away, saying that he would present them to the emperor. As people in Yanzhou never planted bamboo, no one knew the origin of these bamboo shoots which had been buried deep underground. Probably in the distant past this place was a low-lying area with a humid climate fit for the growth of bamboo. In Mount Jinhua in Wuzhou there are stone pine cones, stone peach pits, stone reed rhizomes, stone fishes, stone crabs, and so on. As they are all native to this place, their existence does not cause a great stir. But these stone bamboo shoots usually do not appear under the ground. What is more, they are not the traditional local products in Yanzhou. So their appearance is really strange.


近年,延州永宁关黄河岸崩塌,裂缝有几十尺深,土下面发现了一片竹笋林,总共有好几百根,竹笋的根和干连在一块,全变为石头了。当时正好有宦官经过这里,也拿走了几根竹茎,说要献给皇帝。延州从来没有过“竹子”,这些竹子深入地下几十尺深,不知是什么时代的东西。是不是在很古很古以前,这里地势低洼气候湿润而适合生长“竹子”呢?婺州的金华山有松石,还有核桃、芦根、 鱼、螃蟹等等,都有变成石头的。但是所有这些,都是当地就有的东西,没有什么奇怪。而竹笋在这 样深的地中是不可能存在的,而且本地也没有生这些东西,这才真是奇怪呢。